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Valuation Services       


        Typical valuation services are in support of the preparation of financial statements in accordance with US GAAP or as formal or informal business valuations in consideration of possible future transfers of ownership.  A description of valuation services we can provide are listed below.

        Financial Reporting -  The preparation of financial statements in compliance with US GAAP often requires measurement of elements of the financial statements at fair value.  We provide the following valuation services related to the preparation of financial statements in accordance with US GAAP:

                  *   Valuation of stock options, warrants and other equity instruments.

                  *   Valuation of equity and liability  components of hybrid instruments

                 *   Valuation ofderivatives using Monte Carlo simulations

                  *   Goodwill impairment analysis and measurement

                  *   Valuation of acquired assets and liabilities in a business combination

                  *   Valuation of intangible assets

        Business Valuation - Examples of instances when a business valuation may be desirable, or required, are listed below:

                 *   Exploration of a purchase or sale of all or a portion of business

                 *   Estate planning purposes

                 *   Buy/Sell Agreements

               *   Tax reporting purposes

               *   Financial Reporting Purposes